Problems of the Rich and Famous

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Partying in Hamptons Could Get Harder If One Village Has Its Way

I'm very curious about how municipalities on the East End of Long Island will balance the requirements of wealthy tax payers' entertainment and their impact on the environment. On any given summer day, it’s nothing to see cars lined up on residential roads as far as the eye can see. Shindigs with over a hundred people are common. The main reason why wealthy New Yorkers and others by properties in the Hamptons is to have the space to have big parties. Cracking down on residents by limiting the amount of guest they can have before they need a permit sounds a little risky. The municipalities and the businesses in the area benefit greatly from the steady flow of monied folks looking to have some fun. Upset that and those same people might choose to go elsewhere.

City Mayors are Making Bike Lanes a Priority

'Democratic mayors overwhelmingly prioritize biking, while GOP splits evenly' -Michael Andersen

It’s great news to hear that 1 in 5 city mayors put “bicycle friendliness” among top infrastructure priorities. Now is the time to put funds towards building safe biking networks. These new networks should connect existing parks and greenspace with new green infrastructure. Integrating proposed bike trails with public transportation systems would be ideal. I believe that by providing visually stimulating and safe cycling and walking paths in our cities we would get a lot more of our citizens outside and moving.